Manual Deletion of Source Data

When configuring table jobs in the "Table Job Configuration" section under the "Configuration Management" menu, there's an option for "Data Processing Method." By selecting "Manual Deletion," along with providing a batch value, you can control how the source data is managed after archiving.

  • If you choose "Manual Deletion" and set a batch value, the source data won't be automatically deleted after archiving is completed. Instead, it will be marked as archived with the specified batch value.

To manually delete the source data after archiving:

  1. Go to the "Task Monitoring (Cold)" section.
  2. Find the task for which you want to delete the source data.
  3. Click on the task to view its details.
  4. Click "Modify Source Table Data Status" to change the status of the source table data.
  5. Alternatively, click "Manual Deletion of Source Table Data" to manually delete the source table data.

This provides you with control over when and how the source data is deleted after archiving, allowing you to manage your data archiving process according to your specific needs.


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