Installation and Deployment of Whaleal-data

High Availability Deployment

To achieve high availability, deploy the service on multiple machines and distribute traffic through a load balancer to balance and share the requests. Common load balancing algorithms include round-robin, least connections, and hash algorithms. Use multiple servers with the same configuration to maintain system continuity by having other servers take over in case of a failure. Common redundancy backup modes include master-slave mode, active-active mode, and N+1 mode.

Package Deployment

Frontend Service Startup

  1. After compiling the source code, generate the "dist" distribution package.
  2. Send the "dist" package to the server.
  3. Path: The installation path configured in the Nginx configuration.

Restart Nginx

/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx -s reload -t

Backend Service Startup

  1. After compiling the source code, generate the "filing-system-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar" distribution package.
  2. Upload the distribution package to the server.
  3. Edit the configuration file "application.yml".

Configuration File Content

# Application server port
  port: 8000

# Database and other configurations...

Start the Service

nohup java -jar -Xms2048M -Xmx20000M -XX:PermSize=768M -XX:MaxPermSize=1536M -server -jar filing-system-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar --spring.config.location=application.yml --jasypt.encryptor.password=SfXlqZmK4P257 &

Check Logs for Successful Startup

tail -f nohup.out

Docker Container Deployment

  1. Navigate to the directory containing the docker-compose.yml file.
  2. Start the service using the command: docker-compose up -d.

After the Docker service starts successfully, you can view the logs using the command: docker logs -f root_whaleal-data_1.

For local access, bind the server's IP with the domain name in the hosts file using: sudo sh -c 'echo "docker_server_ip" >> /etc/hosts'.

Access the Whaleal-data service:

  • Web URL: http://docker_server_ip or
  • Initial login:
    • User: "admin"
    • Password: "123456"
    • The system will force you to change the password upon first login.

Tips: Cold Data Archiving: The default path for cold data archiving is /whalealdb. For Docker, the service is mapped to an external path /opt/whalealdb.

Quick Access

Start the Whaleal-data service using Docker containers. This service depends on mysql, mongodb, redis, and zookeeper services. It runs in a local browser through the nginx service proxy.

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