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Can WAP troubleshoot problems by monitoring data?

WAP provides a very rich set of monitoring indicators, and the granularity is as fine as 1 second. Together with the collection of Info, Health, Performance, LogVis, and ExplainPlan information in real-time diagnosis, it can help users quickly troubleshoot, locate problems, and solve problems quickly.

What alarm methods does WAP support?

WAP not only provides email alerts, but also provides SMS and DingTalk alerts to meet user usage and communication methods, ensuring that users can receive alert information anytime and anywhere and grasp cluster status in a timely manner.

Does WAP support changes to the cluster architecture?

WAP provides the function of changing the Standalone architecture to the ReplicaSet architecture. Integrate complex operations of architecture changes into automated solutions and complete them with one click through page operations.

Does WAP support cluster version changes?

WAP provides the function of upgrading and downgrading the cluster. Through page information configuration, it can complete version changes between adjacent versions of the cluster. It not only supports upgrade operations, but also provides downgrade operations as simple as upgrades. In a state where the application is unaware, the cluster is upgraded or downgraded in a rolling manner.

What MongoDB versions does WAP support?

Without changing the WAP version, WAP supports 98% of MongoDB currently on the market, and the supported versions are 5.0 ~ 7.0.

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