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Can Whaleal help troubleshoot issues using monitoring data?

Whaleal provides extensive monitoring metrics with a granularity of up to 1 second. Combined with real-time diagnostic information collection such as Top, Op, and Explain, it can help users quickly troubleshoot and pinpoint issues, facilitating rapid issue resolution.

What alerting methods are supported by Whaleal?

Whaleal not only supports email alerts, but also provides SMS and DingTalk (a messaging app) alerting methods. This ensures that users can receive alert notifications through various means, allowing them to stay informed about the cluster's status anytime and anywhere.

Does Whaleal support changes to cluster architecture?

Whaleal supports changing the architecture from Standalone to ReplicaSet. It automates the complex process of architectural changes, allowing users to accomplish the transition with a single click through the platform interface.

Does Whaleal support changing the version of a cluster?

Whaleal offers the functionality to upgrade and downgrade clusters. Through simple page configurations, users can perform version changes between adjacent versions of MongoDB clusters. This feature not only supports upgrades but also provides straightforward downgrade operations. These version changes can be performed in a rolling manner without causing any service disruption.

Which MongoDB versions does Whaleal support?

Without changing the version of Whaleal, it supports 98% of MongoDB versions available in the market, ranging from MongoDB 3.4 to 5.0.

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