Create Standalone

Create Standalone The operation content is divided into the following two parts::
 - Prerequisites
 - Procedure

Standalone can be created using WAP. All data in Standalone is stored on this single node, and there is no data distribution or data redundancy. It can be used for testing and development. It is not recommended to use the Standalone deployment method in a production environment. The Standalone deployment method does not have a high availability mechanism. For production environments, it is recommended to use the ReplicaSet deployment method.


Before deploying Standalone, you must ensure that the Host has been managed by WAP. If not, please Add EC2 or Add K8S first.

Before deploying Standalone, you must ensure that MongoTar is available in the WAP. If not, please Upload MongoTar first.


1. Enter the navigation directory

a. Click the MongoDB options button

b. The page shows that all users can operate MongoDB Cluster


2. Create Standalone

a. Click the Create Project button on the right

b. Select the Single Node option

3. Configure Standalone


Configure the following configuration items on the page

Configuration items value
Affiliated project Select the affiliated project
hostname Select host
port Standalone mongodb usage port
data directory Standalone data file storage directory (absolute path)
log file Standalone log output file (absolute path)
Version Select the MongoTar corresponding to the Standalone version to create
Certification No authentication is enabled: Do not set user password
Account number and password: Turn on authentication and set user password
Account and password and CA certificate: Turn on authentication, set user password and use CA certificate
Add configuration options You can add mongodb parameter configuration

4. Configuration options


a. Click the Add Configuration Option button

b. Select to add a startup configuration item and click the OK button to add it.

c. Set configuration option value

5. Create

Click the Create button to create Standalone.

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