Host Issues

Agent Jar Cannot Run

  • When the agent jar cannot run, first check if you have Java environment installed on your host. If not, follow the Java environment setup instructions.

Host Abnormal Shutdown

  • The platform will continuously monitor the status of each host that has been onboarded. If the platform shows that a host has abnormally shut down, first check if the host is running properly. If the host has shut down unexpectedly, take physical maintenance measures.
  • If the host is running normally and hasn't actually shut down, check if the agent process is running properly. If the process has crashed or was killed abnormally, restart it.

Cannot Connect to Server

  • Check if the server side is functioning properly.
  • Check if the agent ID is correct and restart if necessary.

Insufficient Host Memory

  • When creating clusters on a host, the platform allocates half of the available resources by default. If not properly configured, creating too many clusters can lead to host crashes.
  • During cluster creation, configure an appropriate cache size in the advanced settings to prevent excessive resource consumption and waste.

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