Startup Steps

1. Download DDT

Visit https://github.com/whaleal/DocumentDataTransfer/releases

Download the latest version of DDT.tar.gz.

2. Extract

mkdir DDT
tar -zxvf DDT.tar.gz -C DDT

3. Modify Configuration Files

Introduction to Configuration

cd DDT/config
vi DDT.properties

4. Prepare to Start

cd bin

5. Check the Running Status

Access the web monitoring page: http://bind_ip:58000/DDT_WEB/#/home

6. Check the Data Consistency of the Target

  1. Use the built-in validation tool of MongoDB (may lock the database):
use xxx
db.runCommand({ dbHash: 1 })
  1. Manually validate the data:
java -jar checkData.jar /path/to/configuration/DDT.properties

Please replace /path/to/configuration/DDT.properties with the actual path to your DDT configuration file.

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