Error Codes

When you encounter an error while sending a request to the API, the interface will return one of the following error codes.

Error code list:

  • 9: Common - Codes starting with this value are not displayed to the frontend as part of the message.
  • 10: Indicates normal execution with no message (msg).
  • 11: User-related errors.
  • 12: Agent-related errors.
Error HTTP Code Description
UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION 901 Unknown system exception
ERROR_SYSTEM 902 System error
LIMIT_GATEWAY 903 Gateway limitation
ERROR_EXE_COMMAND 903 Failed to update command status
SUCCESS_CODE 1000 Normal execution
NOT_EXIST_ACCOUNT 1101 Account does not exist
ERROR_PASSWORD 1102 Incorrect password
BLANK_ACCOUNT 1103 Account cannot be blank
EXIST_PHONE 1104 Phone number already exists
EXIST_EMAIL 1105 Email already exists
EXIST_ACCOUNT 1106 Account already exists
NOT_EXIST_TOKEN 1107 Token does not exist
ERROR_UPDATE_MEMBER 1108 Failed to update information
NOT_EXIST_AGENT_ID 1201 AgentId does not exist
ERROR_SAVE_AGENT_LOG 1202 Failed to save log information
ERROR_DOWN_LOAD_FILE 1203 File download failed
OPS_COMMON_EXCEPTION 1900 Common OPS exception
NOT_EXIST_DATA 1901 Data does not exist

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