Host information

Host information Has the following content:
 - Host basic information
 - Host updates and removals
 - Host details and operations

Host basic information

Basic information display of the host name

b.system message kernel

d.Host agent survival time

e.Host Status

f.Host-specific operations

Host updates and removals

Demanage the host and update the host information

a.The host will be removed after leaving the management, detailed operation--> RemoveHost

b.Updating the host information is to obtain the host information again, and then update the page content. Its main content is the static information of the host, its monitoring data and the status of the host.。
(Due to the abnormal downtime of the host, the front end will not directly update the status of the host after manual restart. Clicking Update Host Information will refresh the host status.)

Host details and operations

Click the host name to enter the host information page to view host details and operations.

a.Host information

Mainly displays some basic static information of the host



Monitoring information graphically displays some information about MEMORY, CPU, NET, and DISKIO.
(1)You can choose to display graphic data in different time ranges, or display graphic data in different granularities within a time range.
(2)Data can be hidden and displayed by clicking the graphic button.
(3)Click the question mark icon to the right of the indicator name to view indicator details.



The log records the activities of the host, including the operator's operations, regularly executed tasks, etc. Display specific execution events, event execution status and execution details.(1)处是对日志的筛选功能,比如只看某Time period or log information of a certain type or with certain content.
(2)The searched log information is displayed on the front-end page.





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