🍬A set of tools that keep Java sweet.

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icefrog is a small but comprehensive library of Java tools, encapsulation by static methods, reduce the cost of learning related APIs, increase productivity, and make Java as elegant as a functional programming language,let the Java be “sweet” too.

icefrog tools and methods from each user’s crafted, it covers all aspects of the underlying code of Java development, it is a powerful tool for large project development to solve small problems, but also the efficiency of small projects;

icefrog is a project “util” package friendly alternative, it saves developers on the project of icefrog classes and icefrog tool methods of encapsulation time, so that development focus on business, at the same time can minimize the encapsulation is not perfect to avoid the bugs.

🎁Origin of the ‘icefrog’ name

**icefrog = It is an open source library after the stripping of the underlying code of the Shanghai Jinmu Information Technology Co., Ltd. project. Based on the corporate culture of its game atmosphere, it commemorates the War3 ice frog god and is named icefrog

🍺How icefrog is changing the way we code

The goal of icefrog is to use a simple function instead of a complex piece of code, thus avoiding the problem of “copy and paste” code as much as possible and revolutionizing the way we write code.

To calculate MD1 for example:

icefrog exists to reduce code search costs and avoid bugs caused by imperfect code on the web.


this README is PR by chengxian-yi


A Java-based tool class for files, streams, encryption and decryption, transcoding, regular, thread, XML and other JDK methods for encapsulation,composing various Util tool classes, as well as providing the following modules:

module description
icefrog-aop JDK dynamic proxy encapsulation to provide non-IOC faceting support
icefrog-bloomFilter Bloom filtering to provide some Hash algorithm Bloom filtering
icefrog-cache Simple cache
icefrog-core Core, including Bean operations, dates, various Utils, etc.
icefrog-cron Task scheduling with Cron expressions
icefrog-crypto Provides symmetric, asymmetric and digest algorithm encapsulation
icefrog-db Db operations based on ActiveRecord thinking.
icefrog-dfa DFA models, such as multi-keyword lookups
icefrog-extra Extension modules, third-party wrappers (template engine, mail, servlet, QR code, Emoji, FTP, word splitting, etc.)
icefrog-http Http client
icefrog-log Log (facade)
icefrog-script Script execution encapsulation, e.g. Javascript
icefrog-setting Stronger Setting Profile tools and Properties tools
icefrog-system System parameter tools (JVM information, etc.)
icefrog-json JSON
icefrog-captcha Image Captcha
icefrog-poi Tools for working with Excel and Word in POI
icefrog-socket Java-based tool classes for NIO and AIO sockets
icefrog-jwt JSON Web Token (JWT) implement
icefrog-collections Java collection expand tools

Each module can be introduced individually, or all modules can be introduced by introducing icefrog-all as required.


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implementation 'com.whaleal.icefrog:icefrog-all:1.1.4'


🔔️note: icefrog 1.x supports JDK8+ and is not tested on Android platforms, and cannot guarantee that all tool classes or tool methods are available.

🚽Compile and install

Download the entire project source code


cd ${icefrog}
./ install


🎋Branch Description

icefrog’s source code is divided into two branches:

branch description
main The main branch, the branch used by the release version, is the same as the jar committed to the central repository and does not receive any pr or modifications.
v1-main The main branch, the branch used by the release version, is the same as the jar committed to the central repository and does not receive any pr or modifications.
v1-dev Development branch, which defaults to the next SNAPSHOT version, accepts modifications or pr

🐞Provide feedback or suggestions on bugs

When submitting feedback, please indicate which JDK version, icefrog version, and related dependency library version you are using.

how to contribute

  1. Find the issues that need to be fixed on github issues, or propose the feature content to be contributed
  2. Fork the project on github or Github to your own repo
  3. Clone the fork of the past project, which is your project, to your local
  4. Modify the code (remember to modify the v1-dev branch) and perform related tests
  5. Push to your own library after commit (v1-dev branch)
  6. Log in to github or Github and you can see a pull request button on your homepage. Click on it, select your own dev branch and the dev branch of this project, fill in some descriptive information, and then submit.
  7. Waiting for the maintainer to merge

🧬Principles of PR(pull request)

icefrog welcomes anyone to contribute code to icefrog, but the author suffers from OCD and needs to submit a pr (pull request) that meets some specifications in order to care for the patient.:

  1. Improve the comments, especially each new method should follow the Java documentation specification to indicate the method description, parameter description, return value description and other information, if necessary, please add unit tests, if you want, you can also add your name.
  2. Code indentation according to Eclipse.
  3. Newly added methods do not use third-party library methods,Unless the method tool is add to the ‘extra module’.
  4. Please pull request to the v1-dev branch. icefrog uses a new branch after 1.x: v1-main is the main branch, which indicates the version of the central library that has been released, and this branch does not allow pr or modifications.

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